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The building block of every great company its foundation. The leadership culture brings the inspiration to our team members. And every associate of IBF Holdings is what makes the solidarity of what our company is built on. 


Ray Bhai


Raheel “Ray” Bhai is Chairman, CEO and Co-founder of IBF Group of Companies.  Under his leadership, IBF Group of Companies has entered into various business  verticals including real estate, private equity, finance, insurance and  pharmaceuticals. IBF Hospitality is a platform built under the IBF Group of Companies  umbrella. It has set out to invest $375 Million in hospitality products including  Development and Acquisitions. Currently, the hospitality platform is amalgamating  with the retail make up to create a diversified REIT to be traded and IPO’d late 2022.  

Ray is a former Investment Banker as a Mergers & Acquisitions, Disposition and Asset  Management & Project Management in acquiring Billion-Dollar portfolio for both  boutique and multinational investment banking firms.  

Mr. Bhai is a prominent member and donor of the Rita Gala Alzheimer’s Foundation  as the way to give back to the community.